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  • Let's Start Building Your Brilliance

    Feeling Stuck and Frustrated? Have ideas but need direction?
    I get it. I've been there. But I made it through... and now I want to help you
    Discover, Develop and Deliver® your business to the level of Brilliance it deserves!
  • Forget the Fluff. Let's Get Stuff DONE!

    It's time to be Brilliant! Coming Soon... Our In-Depth Online Course on The 5 Essential Questions Your Need to Answer for Sustained Marketing & Sales Success.
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    Are you filled with big ideas but need guidance to bring them to life?
    Together we'll Discover your WHY, Develop your WHAT and WHO, and Deliver your BRILLIANCE!
  • Give Your Goals Life

    There's no better time than NOW to GROW! Make the leap and start your journey to the life you want to live.
    "Today's mighty oak is just yesterday's nut that stood it's ground."

Everything You've Ever Wanted... Is Just Outside Your Comfort Zone.

The time is now! Discover, Develop and Deliver your spirit to the world.

It's Time to...Shine Your Brilliance!

When I first meet with a client who is starting a new business, invariably the first words out of their mouth are:

“I need a logo and a website, and probably a Facebook page - STAT!”

To which I always respond,

“Yes, you do, but first we have a few things to talk about before we can begin developing them.”

After going through this exercise with clients time after time, I came to realize that it comes down to 5 Essential Questions and the answers to those questions build the entire foundation for any business’s branding, marketing, and sales success.

The 5 Essential Questions...You Need To Answer Today!

The 5 Essential Questions will also give you all the necessary information needed for a business plan should you be looking for funding.

They also provide you with key information to develop your branding and authentic marketing and sales tools.

And best of all, they give you key information about yourself that I will make your entrepreneurial journey far more enjoyable.

  • The Building to Brilliance workshop brought everything into focus. What I was doing wrong, what I was avoiding doing and how to start growing by business.

    Katie - Burlington, VT - Owner
  • I accomplished so much in four hours it was insane. I now have the tools and systems to apply to business and start living the life I've always dreamed of.

    Brad - Cambridge, MA - Founder
  • WOW! I get it now! I was overwhelmed with all of the marketing choices and internet options. It was so great to walk away from Janet's workshop with concrete tools that I can implement right now!

    Denise - Portsmouth, NH - Start-up Founder
  • I only wish I had met Janet years ago. I'm no longer living below the water line, drowning in my business. Implementing her strategy has improved my bottom line, and made my life and business fun again!

    Jeremy - Hanover, NH - Small Business Owner
  • Thank you Janet for not only your inspiration and education, but for helping me figure out my strengths and my blocks to success. I'm so excited to break my glass ceilings!!

    Alicia - Boston, MA - Founder
The time is NOW! Time to start building your ideas, business, and life into what you've not only dreamed about, but what you've known, deep down in your heart and soul, is what your life should be. Let's start Building to Brilliance!

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